Hemporama® has passed laboratory tests on the product quality for compliance with the international regulatory requirements for its safe eating by animals


Industrial Innovation Group – the world leader in the field of the latest technologies and innovative intelligent solutions – creates trends in global markets and raises the bar of international requirements for the quality of industrial hemp products


Industrial Innovation Group has embodied its long-term experience in building complex systems and creating cutting-edge technological solutions for business in the global biotechnological industrial agricultural complex for the cultivation and processing of technical hemp RS Success Agro (Uzbekistan)


Industrial Innovation Group, as the leader of innovative approaches in business and the owner of 402 intellectual property items represented by the global biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS Success Agro, manufactures products of the highest quality that meet all international standards and requirements


RS Success Agro is a global biotechnological industrial agro-complex located in the Khavast district of the Syrdarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, implementing a large-scale project for the cultivation and deep processing of cellulose-containing crops based on the introduction of unique breakthrough technologies, which allows bringing the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan to a new innovative level


Hemporama® is a healthy treat for farm animals produced by RS Success Agro, loved by the sheep of one of the farms in Uzbekistan. Touching video footage was shared by the farm owner that purchased Hemporama® animal feed supplement. In addition to the fact that sheep are happy to eat the animal feed supplemen, they have already started to gain weight after three weeks.



Hemporama® is a brand of hemp products, represented by the animal health care products. Hemporama® feed pellets are a humane approach to the cultivation of farm animals, maintaining a balance between the needs of humans and animals without the use of harmful synthetic drugs and additives for better growth.

Hemporama® is a unique superfood treat containing proteins, fats and a natural vitamin complex bestowed by nature. The restoration of a comfortable, environmentally friendly, comprehensively harmonious coexistence of man and nature is impossible without taking care of the health of animals.

Hemporama® is registered in the most authoritative specialized organization – the World Intellectual Property Organization, as well as in 74 leading countries of the world, including all countries of the European Union and the UK, and is represented on all continents of the world.


Industrial Innovation Group, represented by the Global Biotechnological Industrial Agro Complex RS Success Agro, revives the lost centuries-old traditions of hemp growing in Uzbekistan and the production of food products from industrial hemp by building an automated and robotic full-cycle system designed for absolutely waste-free production.

The company has a number of innovative technological lines of its own production, assembled using the technologies of Industrial Innovation Group and producing products of the Leodar®, Hemporama®, and Leoria® trademarks.


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