Industrial Innovation Group, Uzbekistan’s major agribusiness investor, implements breakthrough technologies in the country and manufactures top-notch national products such as Leodar® oil made of hemp grown in the fields of RS Success Agro

The biotech industrial agricomplex RS Success Agro is the first and only company in Uzbekistan to receive state license No. 1 for industrial hemp cultivation

Leodar® hemp oil is effectively secured against counterfeiting by a unique smart label with a security hologram and the Track&Trace system, keeping pace with bank notes and excise stamps

Leodar® hemp oil is carefully examined and tested in a modern laboratory, allowing for international standards and requirements

Leodar® hemp oil is certified by prestigious independent international laboratories in Russia, USA, China, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, Uzbekistan and Slovakia

Of all vegetable alternatives, Leodar® hemp oil has the healthiest composition and a unique taste 

      Industrial Innovation Group, one of Uzbekistan’s major agribusiness investors, hosted a tech show featuring a presentation of the cold-pressed Leodar® hemp oil from the 2022 harvest grown in the fields of the biotech industrial agrocomplex RS Success Agro in Sirdaryo Region. 
        RS Success Agro has become the first and only company in Uzbekistan to receive a state license to grow, process, store, transport and sell industrial hemp. 
      The tech show demonstrated the operation of the unique automated filling line for Leodar® hemp oil: product sterilization, capping, packaging and labeling. The advanced process lines deliver top product quality and preserve all healthy properties of Leodar® hemp oil. The line’s production capacity is 1500 bottles per hour from bottling to packaging. The packaging speed is up to 3000 bottles per hour.


Robiya Ibragimova, RS Success Agro’s CEO, noted: “Leodar® hemp oil is thoroughly protected from counterfeiting at the highest level of technology. The Leodar® label is unparalleled in the world. Its security can be compared to an excise stamp or banknote. Leodar® hemp oil bottles are marked with an electronic smart label bearing a security hologram and the Track&Trace system. Each hologram is individually numbered using the patented I-MET technology, making the number an integral part of the hologram. By reading the QR code on the label, everyone can see the full life cycle of the Leodar® hemp oil bottle, from seed planting to the individual customer. Any attempt to alter or correct the personalized data will result in permanent damage and will be visible.”

Industrial Innovation Group implements breakthrough technologies in Uzbekistan to ensure the high quality of Leodar® hemp oil, reliably protect it against counterfeiting and guarantee that the product is authentic. 

The making of Leodar® hemp oil begins with selecting the best seed grain. The plants are watered using an innovative drip irrigation system. Modern machines carefully and delicately reap the harvest. Leodar® hemp oil is made by cold press method using hydraulic presses, so the product can retain all healthy substances without undergoing thermal or chemical treatment. 

Zainab Abdulaeva, director of RS Success Agro’s testing laboratory, emphasized: “Leodar® hemp oil is carefully examined and tested in a modern laboratory with international standards and requirements in mind. Leodar® hemp oil does not contain the psychoactive THC compound and is certified for food purposes by prestigious international laboratories of seven countries: USA, China, Uzbekistan, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and UAE.”

Leodar® revives the age-old traditions of hemp husbandry and hemp food industry in Uzbekistan. Numerous academic papers, laboratory surveys and comparative analyses support the millennial history of hemp oil use.

Leodar® hemp oil has the best composition of all vegetable alternatives. Only hemp oil has the ideal balance of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, which are fully digested by the human body.  Leodar® hemp oil combines the art of technology with the high art of proper nutrition

During the tech show, the participants degusted the incomparable taste of Leodar® hemp oil. As they ascertained, the oil will make every dish excellent and as healthy as possible, and even the most sophisticated gourmet cannot resist its refined delicate taste.

Via the global biotech industrial agrocomplex RS Success Agro, Industrial Innovation Group revives the lost traditions of hemp husbandry in Uzbekistan as it has constructed an automated and robotized full-cycle system designed for absolutely zero-waste production. The company has installed a number of innovative home-built process lines that are assembled using the Industrial Innovation Group technologies and manufacture products under the Leodar®, Hemporama® and Leoria® trademarks.


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