LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA®, and LEORIA®️ were showcased at the Agriculture Technology and Science Achievement Exhibition as part of the first "Life Science Festival," organized by the International Agricultural University (IAU) in Tashkent


During the Life Science Festival, the capabilities of RS SUCCESS AGRO, the global leader in cultivation and full-cycle processing of cellulose-containing crops, including industrial hemp, were demonstrated


RS SUCCESS AGRO, in collaboration with the International Agricultural University, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (June 1, 2023), initiating cooperation in attracting young specialists, implementing scientific achievements and innovations in production, developing agrotechnologies, and ensuring environmental sustainability as part of the implementation of the Agricultural Development Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Industrial Innovation Group, represented by the global biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO, is making an intellectual and technological breakthrough in agriculture, positioning Uzbekistan's highly competitive products in global markets under the trademarks LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA®, and LEORIA®


Industrial Innovation Group is implementing advanced intellectual technologies in Uzbekistan's agricultural sector, leveraging its years of experience as a leader in innovative solutions


Industrial Innovation GrouP, a longstanding global leader in building highly intelligent systems, represented by the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO, presented the products under the trademarks LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA®, and LEORIA® at the Agriculture Technology and Science Achievement Exhibition organized by the International Agricultural University as part of the first Life Science Festival in Uzbekistan.

The Festival program includes numerous debates on the future of agriculture in Uzbekistan, environmental issues, climate change, and career opportunities in the agri-food business. Among the participants and exhibition visitors are international companies from Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, researchers, prospective students, as well as representatives from Ministries and Government agencies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Robiya Ibragimova, General Director of RS SUCCESS AGRO, delivered a presentation on modern digital technologies and agro-innovations implemented in the biotechnological industrial agro-complex in Khavast, Syrdarya Region. She also highlighted the human resource potential in the agricultural business, emphasizing the need for specialists who possess the competencies to tackle contemporary challenges and have comprehensive knowledge of innovative agricultural technologies of the 21st century.

RS Success Agro is the world's only scientific and agro-industrial closed-cycle association for the cultivation and deep processing of cellulose-containing crops, including industrial hemp, and the production of high-tech products that meet the highest standards of global markets.

Robiya Ibragimova, General Director of RS SUCCESS AGRO, stated, "RS SUCCESS AGRO is focused on international markets, and we produce unique, high-quality organic products under the trademarks LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA®, and LEORIA®. During the Life Science Festival, our company shared its vision for the development of the hemp industry with researchers and colleagues from different countries worldwide. The technologies of INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP implemented in the biotechnological industrial agro-complex of RS SUCCESS AGRO have allowed us to create a modern, internationally recognized brand in Uzbekistan."

RS SUCCESS AGRO demonstrates a combination of advanced technologies with unique national agricultural practices in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Through the implementation of a complex multi-level process architecture, a highly intelligent and scientific approach to agribusiness management, an absolutely waste-free and environmentally friendly production system has been established. The company has implemented innovative technological systems at every stage of operation, from soil processing and crop care using high-precision IoT systems and drip irrigation systems to the processing of raw materials on advanced production lines, resulting in high-quality products under the LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA®, and LEORIA® trademarks that meet international standards and national regulations. 

LEODAR®️ is a trademark of organic food products made from industrial hemp. LEODAR®️ includes hemp seed oil, honey, and tea that preserve all the natural beneficial properties of the plant, known to humanity for thousands of years LEODAR®️ hemp seed oil is the world's number one brand of plant-based oils and an impeccable product for daily consumption. It enriches the human body with essential Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, vitamins, macro-elements, and minerals necessary for health. Importantly, LEODAR®️ meets the strict certification requirements of HALAL.

LEORIA® are natural cosmetic RS SUCCESS AGRO products that prolong youth, and give beauty and glow to the skin, shine and strength to the hair.

HEMPORAMA® offers biochar and hemp feed granules for farm animals. HEMPORAMA® animal feed supplement promotes a natural healthy growth of livestock.

The global biotechnological agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO will remain the world's only scientific-agricultural industrial association based on a closed-loop system for a long time, incorporating the latest technological advancements from field to store shelves.



Industrial Innovation Group is a global system integrator with unparalleled expertise in designing and implementing large-scale industrial-innovation complexes. Over its 30-year history, Industrial Innovation Group has executed projects on every continent in the world. IIG owns 401 subjects of intellectual property and possesses unique technologies in the fields of biometrics, high-security document production, information systems, lasers, polycarbonate, hologram demetallization, personalization using I-Met technology, contact and contactless chips, solutions for tax stamps accounting and control, as well as comprehensive solutions to prevent counterfeiting and falsification of goods and documents.


RS Success Agro is an ultra-modern global biotechnological industrial agro-complex that implements a large-scale project in the cultivation and deep processing of cellulose-containing crops, producing export-oriented products with high-tech characteristics. The company is part of the transcontinental company Industrial Innovation Group (IIG).

RS Success Agro owns a full range of unique intellectual technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, enabling the realization of an innovative agricultural miracle within a single complex. The application of these advanced technologies elevates the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan to a new innovative level. RS Success Agro has taken a progressive step in diversifying the products of Uzbek agriculture, reviving centuries-old hemp cultivation traditions.

The global biotechnological agro-complex in Uzbekistan will remain for a long time the only scientifically and industrially integrated closed-cycle association in the world, based on the latest technological developments—from the field to the finished products on store shelves.


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