LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA®, and LEORIA® are trademarks under which high-quality competitive products made from industrial hemp are produced in the Syrdarya region. They were presented and captivated the participants of the industrial and agricultural product exhibition at the "Syrdarya-China" Business Forum with their quality, creative and modern design, and impressive technological characteristics


Industrial Innovation GROUP has implemented its intellectual potential and state-of-the-art arsenal of proprietary technological solutions in a large-scale project for the cultivation and deep processing of cellulose-containing crops - the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO


LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA®, and LEORIA® are trademarks under which a wide range of products is produced according to high international standards

INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP, an international leader in technological solutions that has made an intellectual breakthrough in the agricultural sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan, represented by the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO, showcased its products under the trade names LEODAR®, LEORIA®, HEMPORAMA® to the government delegations of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Uzbekistan at the industrial and agricultural product exhibition held within the framework of the "Syrdarya-China" Business Forum at the "Entrepreneurs and Artisans" center in Gulistan, Uzbekistan. 

LEODAR®, LEORIA®, HEMPORAMA® presented a wide range of top-class products that meet international standards: cold-pressed edible oil, honey, tea, cosmetic oil, biochar, and animal feed. Each of these products is worthy of the best global markets.

The "Syrdarya - China" Forum marked the start of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's initiative to transform Syrdarya into a "region of advanced innovations" in the fields of industry, entrepreneurship, agriculture, education, and medicine. As part of this initiative, the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO, led by the Head of State, is implementing cutting-edge agricultural solutions and unique multi-level systems for organic and sustainable production, making it an unparalleled benchmark for the quality of agricultural products not only in the region but throughout Uzbekistan.

The government delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan was headed by Mr. Jamshid Khojaev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The delegation also included Mr. Bakhtiyor Saidov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Laziz Kudratov, Minister of Investments, Industry, and Trade, Mr. Aziz Vaitov, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Akmaljon Mahmudaliyev, Khokim of the Syr Darya region, and deputy khokims for investments from all regions of the country. Entrepreneurs and executives of major Chinese and Syr Darya companies also participated in this international event.

The exhibition stand of the agro-industrial oasis in the Syrdarya region, RS SUCCESS AGRO, became the center of attention for high-ranking delegations participating in the business forum, as well as exhibition visitors. 

Industrial Innovation GROUP is implementing a large-scale project in the Syrdarya region for the cultivation and full processing of cellulose-containing crops, including industrial hemp. With years of experience as a global leader, INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP has developed its own technological advancements and intellectual achievements, which are embodied in the global biotechnological industrial agro-complex, RS SUCCESS AGRO. This project serves as a unique example of integrating cutting-edge solutions into the agricultural sector while preserving the traditions and advantages of the national farming industry.

RS Success Agro  is the technological agro-industrial marvel of the Syrdarya region and the world's only closed-cycle scientific and industrial association. The final products of this enterprise possess unique production characteristics and are of the highest quality, as confirmed by numerous certificates, expert evaluations, and standardization results. 

LEODAR® is the leading trade mark of the biotechnological industrial agro-complex, RS SUCCESS AGRO. It offers organic food products that carefully preserve the entire cocktail of beneficial substances found in industrial hemp, such as oil, honey, and tea.

LEODAR® hemp seed oil is a true elixir of health, known to humankind for thousands of years. Obtained through cold pressing of hemp seeds on high-tech assembly lines by INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP, the oil retains its original rich natural composition. LEODAR® hemp seed oil is certified to meet HALAL requirements.

The LEORIA® trademark represents a cosmetic line of natural products for skin and hair care. LEORIA® organic cosmetics, based on industrial hemp, help maintain youthfulness, promote healthy and radiant skin and hair.  

HEMPORAMA® offers organic products aimed at maintaining harmony between humans and the surrounding world. HEMPORAMA® animal feed supplement and treats promote a natural growth and the overall health of the livestock.

HEMPORAMA® Biochar is an exclusive organic material derived from hemp stalks through oxygen-free pyrolysis. HEMPORAMA® Biochar serves as a natural fertilizer to restore soil fertility, enhance the growth of agricultural crops, increase their productivity, and acts as a natural "trap" that helps reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere.



Industrial Innovation Group is an unparalleled global leader in the field of system integration, complex multi-level high-tech systems, and the design and implementation of large-scale industrial innovation complexes. With 30 years of experience in global integration, Industrial Innovation Group owns 401 intellectual property assets and a wide range of unique high-tech developments for building architectures of any complexity.  


RS Success Agro is a state-of-the-art global biotechnological industrial agro-complex that is implementing a grand project focused on cultivating and deep processing cellulose-containing crops and producing export-oriented products with high-tech characteristics. The company is part of the transcontinental corporation Industrial Innovation Group (IIG).

RS Success Agro owns a complete spectrum of unique intellectual technologies and cutting-edge equipment, enabling the achievement of innovative agricultural wonders within a single complex. The application of these advanced technologies elevates the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan to a new level of innovation. RS Success Agro has taken a progressive step in diversifying the products of Uzbek agriculture while reviving centuries-old hemp cultivation traditions.

The global biotechnological agro-complex in Uzbekistan will remain the world's only scientific-agro-industrial closed-cycle association for a long time, based on the latest technological developments, from field to product in the store.


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