Leodar® hemp seed oil gives a unique taste to Uzbek plov

For the first time in Tashkent, plov is being prepared with the addition of LEODAR® hemp seed oil

Uzbekistan and plov are inseparable, and now true Uzbek plov is incomplete without Leodar® hemp seed oil

Leodar®  hemp seed oil is widely used in cooking and dietetics, it has an ideal balance of Omega-3, 6, 9 and contains no psychoactive substances

Leodar® hemp seed oil helps to normalize metabolic processes, improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and its antioxidants prevent early aging and strengthen the immune system

LEODAR® and Regiosh restaurant in Tashkent presented the national dish of Samarkand plov with the addition of hemp seed oil. Visitors noted that LEODAR® hemp seed oil creates the authentic taste of Uzbek plov and gives it a beautiful golden colour.

Robiya Ibragimova, CEO of RS Success Agro, the biotechnological industrial agro-complex where the hemp seed oil is produced, noted that Uzbekistan cannot be imagined without plov and now real Uzbek plov is without LEODAR® hemp seed oil.

Historically, Uzbek plov was made with hemp seed oil as it contains 80% of polyunsaturated fats (Omega-3, 6, 9) and is well absorbed by the human body when consumed.

The balanced composition of microelements, vitamins, fatty acids and proteins make Leodar® hemp seed oil a truly unique product.

Leodar® hemp seed oil is widely used in cooking and dietetics, helps to normalize metabolic processes, improves the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems and has a positive effect on the human body.

Leodar® hemp seed oil gives piquant notes to Uzbek plov, without which it is difficult to imagine Uzbekistan.

 Узбекский плов

Узбекский плов Leodar

Industrial Innovation Group, represented by the Global Biotechnological Industrial Agro Complex RS Success Agro, revives the lost centuries-old traditions of hemp growing in Uzbekistan and the production of food products from technical hemp by building an automated and robotic full-cycle system designed for absolutely waste-free production.

The company has a number of innovative technological lines of its own production, assembled using the technologies of Industrial Innovation Group and producing products of the Leodar®, Hemporama® and Leoria® trademarks. 


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