The spring sowing campaign of 2023 has started on the fields of the global biotechnological industrial agrocomplex RS Success Agro, the producer of LEODAR® hemp seed oil

RS Success Agro applies technologies for the careful use of natural resources and natural soil restoration

After making its royal debut on the world stage of the newest and healthiest food products, LEODAR® hemp seed oil, the first and only food product of its kind in Uzbekistan, started with the sowing campaign in 2023 in the fields of the global biotechnological industrial agrocomplex RS Success Agro.

RS Success Agro has planted a highly productive oilseed hemp variety. The selected variety contains 31.0% fat in grain (seed), and has a two-way direction use of the future crop - fiber and seeds.

Robiya Ibragimova, General Director of RS Success Agro, noted: “The biotechnological industrial agrocomplex represents a completely new approach in agriculture in Uzbekistan, where all processes are based on modern IT solutions. This provides significant savings in material and technical resources, energy consumption, ensures the transparency of business processes, safety and high quality of the products obtained. The use of all these unique advanced technologies brings the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan to a new innovative level.”

For the future rich harvests, RS Success Agro has deployed a unique innovative subsoil drip irrigation system that allows each precious drop of moisture to get directly to the plant root. Ditch irrigation will also be used.

RS Success Agro, a global biotechnological industrial agrocomplex, cares not only about the health of its consumers by providing products of the highest quality, preserving all the vitamins and useful microelements in LEODAR® hemp seed oil. It is also concerned about the careful use of natural resources and good soil condition, which allows growing rich harvest without the use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

RS Success Agro has planted fields in the spring 2023 campaign with special green manures, which act as organic fertilizers, saturating the arable soil with nutrients and naturally improving its fertility, for a natural regeneration of the fields.

LEODAR® hemp seed oil is the ultimate health product. Combining a thousand-year history of human use of technical hemp, natural farming traditions, the latest approaches in the introduction of innovative agricultural business and unique technological lines for gentle pressing, RS Success Agro produces the highest quality LEODAR® hemp seed oil.


Industrial Innovation Group, represented by the global biotechnological industrial agrocomplex RS Success Agro, is reviving the lost traditions of hemp growing in Uzbekistan by building an automated and robotic full-cycle system designed for absolutely waste-free production.

The company has installed a number of innovative in-house production lines, assembled using Industrial Innovation Group technologies and producing Leodar®, Hemporama® and Leoria® products.


RS Success Agro is a state-of-the-art global biotechnological industrial agrocomplex that implements a large-scale project for the cultivation and deep processing of cellulose-containing crops and the production of export-oriented products with high-tech characteristics. The company is a member of the transcontinental corporation Industrial Innovation Group (IIG).

RS Success Agro possesses a full range of unique intelligent technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, enabling an innovative agricultural miracle within a single complex. The use of unique advanced technologies brings the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan to a new innovative level. RS Success Agro has taken a progressive step in diversifying Uzbek agricultural products by reviving the age-old traditions of hemp growing.

The global biotechnological agrocomplex in Uzbekistan will long be the world’s only closed-loop scientific and agro-industrial association based on the latest technological developments-from the field to the products in the store. 


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