LEODAR, a trademark of organic food products made from industrial hemp, organized a charitable initiative for the residents of Khavast District in the Syrdarya Region on the great holiday of the Islamic world, Eid al-Adha, and presented them with over 2,500 bottles of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, beneficial for their health

INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP, represented by the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO under the trademark LEODAR®, produces food products in which the full cocktail of beneficial substances from industrial hemp is carefully preserved, including hemp seed oil, hemp honey, and hemp leaf tea

LEODAR® hemp seed oil is a masterpiece of gastronomic art and high-intellectual production technologies implemented in the global biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO

LEODAR® hemp seed oil successfully represents the Syrdarya Region and the Republic of Uzbekistan in the global markets and has gained a reputation as the King of the World among plant-based oils


LEODAR®, a trademark of the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO, organized a charitable initiative for the residents of the "Uzbekiston TukinchiLigi" and "Ochkangal" mahallas, as well as the visitors of the Abdurakhmon Ibn Avf Kurayshiy Jome Mosque, on the occasion of one of the major Islamic holidays, Eid al-Adha. They presented over 2,500 bottles of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, beneficial for health. Additionally, LEODAR® hemp seed oil was also donated to the Almazar District Elderly House in Tashkent City.

Ms. Robiya Ibragimova, General Director of the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO, remarked: "Eid al-Adha is a great holiday that embodies noble universal values such as kindness, mercy, and generosity. The greatest wealth in the world, which will never lose its value, is human health. Today, our company has done a noble deed by presenting LEODAR® hemp seed oil - the elixir of health and longevity - to the residents of the Khavast district. I sincerely congratulate all Muslims in our country and the entire Uzbek nation on the sacred holiday of Eid al-Adha!”

LEODAR®️ hemp seed oil is a unique product of Uzbekistan, produced by the biotechnological industrial agro-complex RS SUCCESS AGRO in the Khavast district of Syrdarya region. The enterprise's exclusive innovative technologies preserve the valuable complex of vitamins, minerals, macro-elements, and essential Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids crucial for human health. The beneficial vitamin cocktail derived from this unique plant provides boundless health benefits.

The LEODAR®️ trademark is registered in 74 leading countries worldwide, including all European Union countries and the United Kingdom, and it is present on all continents.

LEODAR® exceeds international standards and has received the highest recognition from the global community. The trademark is registered with the most authoritative specialized organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization. LEODAR®️ is also HALAL certified, ensuring compliance with the relevant standards and requirements.




Industrial Innovation Group is an unparalleled global leader in the field of system integration, complex multi-level high-tech systems, and the design and implementation of large-scale industrial innovation complexes. With 30 years of experience in global integration, Industrial Innovation Group owns 401 intellectual property assets and a wide range of unique high-tech developments for building architectures of any complexity. The company excels in constructing and integrating advanced technological systems, and its expertise enables the realization of ambitious industrial and innovation projects.


RS Success Agro is a state-of-the-art global biotechnological industrial agro-complex that is implementing a grand project focused on cultivating and deep processing cellulose-containing crops and producing export-oriented products with high-tech characteristics. The company is part of the transcontinental corporation Industrial Innovation Group (IIG).

RS Success Agro owns a complete spectrum of unique intellectual technologies and cutting-edge equipment, enabling the achievement of innovative agricultural wonders within a single complex. The application of these advanced technologies elevates the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan to a new level of innovation. RS Success Agro has taken a progressive step in diversifying the products of Uzbek agriculture while reviving centuries-old hemp cultivation traditions.

The global biotechnological agro-complex in Uzbekistan will remain the world's only scientific-agro-industrial closed-cycle association for a long time, based on the latest technological developments, from field to product in the store.


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