RS SUCCESS AGRO Biotech Industrial Agricultural Complex testing laboratory has successfully passed the accreditation for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025-2019 standard and became an accredited laboratory of the international level

RS SUCCESS AGRO laboratory test reports will be recognized internationally

INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP has created a testing laboratory for scientific and certification research of industrial hemp products on the basis of the biotechnology industrial agricultural complex RS SUCCESS AGRO. This laboratory was equipped with advanced, precise and highly sensitive equipment of world brands, which allows for carrying out a wide range of research

The first Uzbekistan independent industrial testing laboratory for certified wide-range research, created on the basis of the biotechnology industrial agricultural complex RS SUCCESS AGRO, has passed the accreditation of the highest international level for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025-2019. The relevant document was issued by a specially authorized body of the Republic of Uzbekistan – the State Unitary Enterprise "Uzbekistan Accreditation Center".

RS SUCCESS AGRO laboratory was accredited according to the international high-status and most labour-intensive standard "General Requirements for the Expertise of Testing and Calibration Laboratories."

Certificate of accreditation entitles the RS SUCCESS AGRO laboratory to conduct analyses and issue international test reports on 6 indicators and 12 standards of vegetable oils.  

Zainab Abdullayeva, Director of RS SUCCESS AGRO testing laboratory, said: "Accredited laboratory means compliance with the standard, quality assurance and recognition of our results at national and international level. RS SUCCESS AGRO plans to expand the field of accredited tests by introducing new types of analysis and research. After all, we focus not only on certified product research and compliance with national and international standards but also on contributing to global scientific progress."

The accredited independent testing laboratory RS SUCCESS AGRO was equipped with advanced precise calibrated equipment and perfect testing systems. Its specialists undergo continuous training to permanently improve their expertise and qualifications.  

RS SUCCESS AGRO laboratory complex consists of seven laboratories: food laboratory, seed laboratory, feed raw materials analysis laboratory, biochar certification testing laboratory, agro-laboratory, laboratory for testing of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content and research laboratory.

RS SUCCESS AGRO is a biotechnological industrial agricultural complex, which implements a large-scale project on ecologically sustainable cultivation of cellulose-containing crops and completely waste-free organic processing of crops into export-oriented products of the highest level.

High-quality competitive products of LEODAR®, HEMPORAMA® and LEORIA® trademarks that represent the Republic of Uzbekistan on international markets are produced on the innovative production facilities of RS SUCCESS AGRO, created thanks to investments and unique intellectual capital of INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION GROUP, the world leader of global solutions.

LEODAR® is a brand of organic food products made of industrial hemp with full preservation of all the natural benefits of the plant, known to mankind for thousands of years. LEODAR® hemp seed oil is the No. 1 brand in the world of vegetable oils and an impeccable product for everyday diet. It saturates the human body with essential healthful Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, vitamins, macronutrients and minerals.

LEORIA® is natural cosmetic product of RS SUCCESS AGRO that prolongs youth, and gives beauty and glow to the skin, shine and strength to the hair.

HEMPORAMA® introduces feed supplement granules for farm animals that promote natural healthy growth of livestock. 


Industrial Innovation Group represented by global biotechnological industrial agro complex RS Success Agro revives lost traditions of hemp farming in Uzbekistan by building an automated and robotic full-cycle system designed for absolutely waste-free production.  The enterprise has installed a number of innovative technological lines of its own production, assembled according to Industrial Innovation Group technologies and producing products of Leodar®, Hemporama® and Leoria® brands.


RS Success Agro is an ultramodern global biotechnological industrial agro complex, which implements a large-scale project on the cultivation and deep processing of cellulose-containing crops and producing export-oriented products with high-tech characteristics that meet national and international standards. The enterprise is a part of the transcontinental Industrial Innovation Group (IIG) Company.

RS Success Agro has a full range of unique intelligent technologies and cutting-edge equipment, which makes it possible to perform an innovative agricultural miracle within one complex. The implementation of unique advanced technologies brings the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan to a new innovative level. RS Success Agro has taken a progressive step in diversifying Uzbekistan's agriculture by reviving centuries-old hemp farming traditions.

The Uzbekistan global biotechnological industrial agro complex will for a long time be the world's only closed-cycle scientific and industrial association, based on the latest technological developments – from field to products in the store.


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