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The unique electronic label allows you to make sure
that the product is authentic

has implemented a unique, multi-tier solution to prevent attempts to produce and distribute counterfeit products by verifying the authenticity of labelled products and track the full life cycle of any Leodar® Hemp Seed Oil bottle from seed to shelf.

Leodar® hemp seed oil is protected from counterfeiting at a high-tech level. The system builds on the technology that marks each bottle with an electronic label using a protective IMET hologram and the Track&Trace system. The unique technology helps protect Leodar® Hemp Seed Oil from counterfeit attempts and guarantees product originality.

By reading the QR code, you can see all the information from the start of production to the finished product.

The exclusive IMET hologram contains a unique analytical number comprised of alphanumeric characters. They display the product’s country of origin, the crop year, the trademark code, the number of harvests in the year, and the country of bottling. The key feature of the new technology is that the recorded data does not cover the image, nor blur the hologram, but rather becomes an integral part.